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April 6, 2012

Here are some things that recently caught my attention on other blogs and sites.


– Tod Bol built a waterproof box and filled it with books. Underneath he put a sign that said “Free Book Exchange.” He did it to honor his mother, who had been a teacher and book lover.

What started as one little, free library has become a mini-movement.

His simple act has become a mini-movement. There are “Little Free Libraries” in 30 states and 20 countries. NBC news ran a report on it in using books to build community. And the Little Free Library has it’s own website.

Family Finance

– Paula @ Afford Anything has made a pledge to invest 100% of her income this year. Read her March update to see how she’s doing.

– Anyone who has ever shopped at a garage sale or thrift store knows this feeling:

“I’ve bought dresses with expensive labels that didn’t quite fit right; stacks of books I’ll never read (despite my best intentions); and dishes that just look old, rather than vintage – all because I could buy them for a dollar or two.”

That sentiment was shared by Amanda, a guest poster at Small Notebook for a Simple Home. But she’s turned those second hand mistakes into lessons for smart buying and she shares them with us in Thrifting for Quality Clothes.


– Simple Bites asks:

“When you’re standing in front of the egg display at the supermarket, how do you choose from among the baffling number of options presented to you?”

The eggs I buy are brown, free range, and vegetarian fed. Thanks to Simple Bites I now know what those things mean!

Luckily, they have our backs and can tell us what’s going on with terms like free range, organic, Omega 3, and vegetarian fed. And what’s the difference between white eggs and brown eggs anyway? It’s all there in Understanding Egg Labels 101.

Midwest Living has given me more ideas for decorating with maps.

– I adore maps. Adore them. And I love to decorate with them. In fact, maps are #1 on my list of frugal things to hang and frame. So I was beyond pleased to run across this slideshow of 10 Ideas for Decorating with Maps on the Midwest Living website.

The map-covered headboard is genius, and who knew that old atlas pages could double as wrapping paper? Well, we do now.


– Ashli @ Mini Manor created a laundry room pocket for her washer and dryer manuals and a stain removal guide. She says,

“For some reason having the manuals right where they should be gives me tons of happiness and just plain makes me feel good. I think that’s what organizing is suppose to do . . . make you feel good!”

Well said, Ashli!

– Jeff Goins is a writer who thinks that your clutter is killing your creativity. He says,

“The relationship between clutter and creativity is inverse. The more you have of the former, the less you have of the latter. Mess creates stress. Which is far from an ideal environment for being brilliant.”

And you are brilliant. You know that, don’t you?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Thanks for including me — and I didn’t realize you share my love for maps! I hung a HUGE world map on my bedroom wall throughout most of college plus 2-3 years after college. It motivated me to save for my big trip.

  2. Nice. i really enjoy the look of antique maps, but I don’t have any myself. I’ve wondered if I wanted to try and start collecting them for fun or profit, but never have found the time to study so that i wouldn’t completely be wasting my money… :)

    1. COM, I’m not an antiquer (is that a word?) so I don’t know anything about maps with value. I just love any map, period. Even the route maps in the in-flight magazines can hold my attention for hours. :)

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