The Best Places to Find Work in America

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Losing your job is a sad fact many of us have to deal with in modern America. Companies are downsizing positions at an astonishing rate and making those who do manage to stay hired work harder than ever before. One of the biggest drawbacks to losing your job is the inability to pay for your house, new cell phones, your kid’s private education, and even the standard of organic quality food your family has become accustomed to.

Packing up and moving your family to another city may seem like a preposterous way to get a new job. It always seems that if you look hard enough you can find work in your own location; but many industries just don’t have bases set up in every city in America. Forbes, CNN, and Kiplinger have all documented lists about the best cities to find work in the country. Here is an analysis of some of the most unique places to find work in America:


While it may be expensive to make a move out to the Golden State, the high salaries provided by most companies will help soften the blow. According to Forbes, the average median salary in Los Angeles is $63,409, San Francisco is $74,745, and San Jose is an astonishing $82,635. Just like the gold rush of the 1840’s brought people to California, the social media and tech industries are in need of people to help develop and push Internet technology to the next level.

Washington D.C.

With the threat of terrorism looming America’s largest cities our nation’s capital needs people to fill vital IT roles. While most of the residents live in the surrounding counties in Maryland, Virginia, and Deleware; most of the important government jobs lie within the district itself. According to Kiplinger, 11 out of 25 of the richest counties reside in the suburbs, so looking for a private sector job in the surrounding areas is not too difficult.


Miami ranked number 4 on the Forbes list of happiest places to work. With its sunshine, gorgeous beaches, and even more gorgeous people, the hospitality and tourism industries are busy year round. What is most surprising about the Forbes list is the number 3 entry of Jacksonville. Residents claim this town is excellent because of the work to life balance and the high opportunity for job growth. It also doesn’t hurt the Bank of America is headquartered there.

North Dakota

A very surprising entrant on best places to find work is a town named Watford City in North Dakota. According to CNN, oil companies have recently found a way to extract billions of barrels of crude from the ground. If you don’t mind moving to the cold and desolate area of the country, you can make excellent money working in fast food, truck driving, or construction.

Picking up and moving is never an easy decision to make, especially with small children involved. Make sure to do your research thoroughly before making a life altering choice.

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