Cheap Ways to Organize Your Closet

March 18, 2008

I love organized closets, but I like doing them on the cheap. Here are my best tips for organizing your closet using low-cost and no-cost methods.

1. Purge. Really, you must get rid of those things you haven’t worn in a year or more. And even some things that you wear every week, but you probably shouldn’t. Look at your closet with a fresh eye and only keep those things that fit you right now and that you truly love. It’s liberating, I promise.

2. Group items by color. I used to hang my clothes by category only. All the sweaters together, all the short-sleeved tops together, all the long-sleeved tops together, etc. Now, I have only four main categories – pants, tops, skirts, and dresses – and everything is hung by color within those categories. I was amazed that once I changed to this color grouping, it was so easy to find things. And it gave my closet a great organized, uniform look.

3. Make hangers uniform. My husband and I like wood hangers and I use plastic for my kids. Whatever hangers you choose, make them uniform in make and color. Again, this will do wonders for creating a clean, organized look in your closet. You’ll also find yourself focusing on the clothes, and not having your eye distracted by hangers of various sizes and colors.

4. Use baskets. In my closet I use baskets on the top shelves, over the hanging clothes. In my kids’ closets, I use them on the shelves of a closet organizer. Baskets can be used to store like items together for easy retrieval. They will also give your closet a clean, organized look. It’s much nicer to look at an attractive basket than a bunch of jumbled purses on a shelf.

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  1. I organize my closets by color too and I only have white plastic hangers.

    This is a really easy system to keep the clothes organized and all my friends think my closet looks really great.

    I also use organizers for the bathroom and kitchen so you might want to check out my post on my blog about that.

  2. This post is impressive! I’m gonna put this in the bookmarks before I lose the link I don’t believe I’ll ever find my way back here again otherwise

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