10 Movie Admissions for $9

by Julie on June 24, 2006 · 3 comments

I mentioned in my last post that I was able to take five of my son’s friends, my son, and myself to a movie for $9. Actually the cost works out to a little less than that. Here’s what I did:

The Dickinson movie chain offers a Summer Vacation Movie Series for kids where they show movies twice each weekday. (These aren’t first run movies; they’re recent G and PG movies like Cheaper by the Dozen and Madagascar.) Season tickets are $9 for 10 admissions and single admission tickets are $2 each.

My plan was to take the boys and buy the $2 tickets, which I thought was a great price. We were even able to find a movie that five of the six boys had not seen. When I checked with the box office, I was told I could buy a season pass for $9 and use 7 of the 10 admissions that day. In other words, the season pass didn’t have to be for just one person…it could be used by multiple people for the same movie.

So I was able to get all seven of us in for the birthday movie and I have three passes left over that my kids can use through the rest of the summer.

Other theater chains offer similar programs and some even offer a free movie one day a week. These are all great for a summer birthday party that won’t break the bank or even just a cool day out with your kids!

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Slughorn June 30, 2006 at 9:12 pm

Just a warning: I took my DC and some of their friends to the movies for our youngest’s b’day. It was 15 minutes since I’d taken them to an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch. As soon as I got the tickets, the kids started BEGGING for snacks for the movie. I didn’t want to ruin Dear Kid’s birthday, so I caved. But never again.


The Family CEO June 30, 2006 at 9:44 pm

Sorry to hear that, DC. Luckily I didn’t have that problem.


Jennifer July 6, 2006 at 1:01 pm

I need to look into those programs for this summer. We went several times when dd was younger. Thanks.


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