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Cheap Closet Makeovers

March 31, 2006

I have a friend who has had her closets done with California Closets. I love her closets. I envy her for her closets. I can’t afford her closets. And yet my desire to be organized is right up there with my desire to be financially fit. So I’ve given a couple of closets in my house cheap closet makeovers.

The first was my daughter’s room. She has the standard 10 foot closet with bi-fold doors. We started by painting the inside a fun color and replaced the shelf and single rod with this closet organizer . We also added something similar to this shoe organizer for her shoes. Then some fun, colored baskets for the shelves. Baskets are much better than hanging for kids and she loves it!
Onto the master. I have a pretty standard walk-in closet with some built in shelves that have never worked for me. I’ve tried them for folded clothes and they tend to not stay folded and always look like a mess. I moved my folded clothes to a hanging sweater organizer and they stay much, much neater. I now use the shelves for purses and other things that stand well on their own on the shelves.

Finally I invested in a couple of sets of wooden hangers for our hanging clothes. My husband has long used wooden hangers and they’re wonderful for the clothes.

It’s amazing how much having uniform hangers does for your closet. It’s much easier to see what you have when your clothes aren’t competing visually with a hodge podge of hangers.

I’ve done the same thing in my children’s closets using inexpensive plastic hangers in all one color.

I’ve always felt that being organized makes saving money easier. It’s easier to make do with what you have when you can SEE what you have.

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  1. Nice ideas!

    I do have a really small walk-in closet in a small room. I know I need to get another ‘closet’ but I don’t want to get the heavy wooden wardrobe because it’ll just make my room smaller.

    Would appreciate it if you have any suggestions…

  2. I really love organizational stuff. Your post has inspired me to take another look at my bedroom closet. When I moved into this house, the previous owners had already put a closet organization system in that closet, and I’ve been using it, but it doesn’t work too well for me. Maybe because it was designed for them and their clothes, and not for me and mine. :)


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