Let me me state the obvious right out of the gate. The University of Kansas isn’t especially known for this:

Jayhawk Football

At least not lately.

We’re more known for this:

KU BasketballBut our family has had KU season football tickets for the last four years and we’ve had a blast.

For starters, we – along with some of our friends – became diehard* tailgaters.

Tailgate grill

It gave us a chance to see our college kids and their friends each week.

KU Football Tailgate

Sometimes we even let our friends from that other school join us.

KU Tailgate

And as far as the games themselves, there’s nothing quite like the sights and sounds of a college football game.

KU Gameday on the Hill

It’s the perfect fall experience – right up there with hayrides and bonfires.

I’m excited because this year Kansas Athletics is giving one of The Family CEO’s readers the KU game day experience for free.

The giveaway includes:

  • One single-game family 4-pack of tickets to a home KU football game of the winner’s choice
  • One $50 gift card to Downtown Lawrence
  • One Junior Jayhawk Kids Club membership

Game days on the hill are perfect for families.
Baby_Jay_Fans_08162013 The Hy-Vee Hawk Zone opens on the football practice field two and a half hours before kick-off and runs through the end of the first quarter.


It includes inflatable games, live radio broadcasts, tackling station/drills, face painting, a balloon artist, free KU promotional items, a fan photo booth and visits from KU student-athletes.

And I was so happy to learn that the giveaway includes a $50 downtown Lawrence gift certificate. Mass Street in Lawrence is a destination in itself. There are dozens of cool shops and restaurants to spend that gift card. Dinner after the game, maybe?

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment on this post. You can tell me who you would take to the game or where you would spend the gift card or just say I’m in.

Any comment will serve as your entry.

On Friday of this week – August 29 – I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner from the comments.

So good luck and Rock Chalk!

*P.S. Tailgating is addictive. Do you know how many tailgating accessories there are? Pop up tables! Miniature gas grills! Helmet-shaped salt and pepper shakers! (We have all of those.)

P.P.S. The funnel cakes in Memorial Stadium are delicious. Get one.

Note: I was compensated by Kansas Athletics for this post. All opinions are my own.

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The following is a post by Sam Peters.

When is the last time you packed up your family and moved? The thing about moving is that it is an equal hassle moving across town or across country. You still have to go through all the same things. You do the same amount of packing, the same amount of cleaning, and lose the same number of items in the process. While moving cross-country is more expensive, neither move is cheap. Now that you are thinking about the nightmare that is moving, go ahead and magnify it by 100. Now you are starting to understand what it is like to relocate a business.

Some businesses have specialty needs that simply cannot be met by two guys and a truck. There are many things to consider before making the big move. You might have a special need or two and not even realize it. Here are a few things to consider before you call the movers:

Do you really want to move all the old stuff to the new office?

We humans are collectors. We just can’t seem to help ourselves. After going through whatever it took for us to acquire the stuff we have, we are loathed to toss it out. We assign sentimental value to things we don’t use. We put a plant on it. We move it to the corner. We will do all kinds of things to convince ourselves that we need things that we didn’t actually need when we bought it, and certainly do not need to transfer to the new digs.

There is also the collection of perfectly good and useful stuff we had room for in our old place, but have no room for in the new one. We don’t want to sell it or throw it out, and we can’t move it to the new place. What we have to do is make an honest assessment of the things that need to go with us, and figure out a way to store the rest.

Finding a good storage facility can be a bit of a challenge. You have to know things about the facility like:

  • How secure is the facility?
  • How accessible is the space (steps, elevators)?
  • Is the storage area climate controlled?

An area the size of Huston, Texas, for instance, will have lots of storage facilities that need to be sorted. What you would need is a good online tool that would help you discover the perfect Houston area storage for your business needs. Same goes for any other city. Not all storage is created equally. Use the right tool and save yourself a lot of time and headache.

Do you need a specialist to help move the computer equipment?

What all is involved in tearing down a computer? Unhook the cables from the monitor, the tower, and the power strip. Now detangle and wrap all the cables without damaging them. Don’t forget those loose peripherals like the mouse, keyboard, and trackpad.

Oh, there is also that giant print/fax/copier someone talked you into buying. Should you remove the toner cartridge before you try to move it? Do you have the boxes for any of this stuff? What kind of box are you going to need for making sure everything is protected? How many workstations need to be relocated? Maybe you should check into a specialist.

You want to make sure you partner with a commercial moving company that can not only handle your electronics, but the disassembly and reassembly of specialized office furniture and modular systems. Getting the neighbor’s kids for a project like that will only end in tears.

Does your move involve chemicals or dangerous materials?

The biotech industry is booming. Science is back! That means that there are a lot of people setting up labs that will yield the next big breakthroughs, like a permanent cure for acne. If the office you need to move happens to be a doctor’s office or medical facility, you are definitely going to have some items that must be handled with care.

Fortunately, there are lab movers who specialize in moving dangerous chemicals and bio matter. It is not just a matter of moving very, very carefully, but keeping things at the right temperature throughout the moving process. For this type of move, no corners can be cut.

Any kind of relocation is a hassle. There are no trouble-free moves. But with the right partners, it does not have to end in disaster. You wouldn’t call just anyone to move your piano. Nor should you when it comes to moving your business.

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